The Worlds of Sol

Solar Spaceways would like to lead you on a tour of our home star system. And if any of these descriptions have piqued your interest, we will be happy to help book a flight today. Connect to your local Solar Spaceways Gridspace today and we can get you started. Until then, here is a brief look at the Solar System.

This is gonna be a work in progress for a long time as this is likely going to be the most expansive area of this wiki. I’m gonna try to create a general overview of the Solar System first and then go and flesh in more details as time comes. Earth will be the biggest example of that, but I figure that it is the place least in need of detailed descriptive work in comparison to the rest of the Solar System.


Earth still remains the jewel of the Solar System. The birthplace of humanity, it has hundreds of thousands of years of history. While the world has seen its share of dark ages, the Concordant Era has seen a new age of peace and prosperity that spreads across the entire world and into deep space. While the advent of the Industrial Age lead to rampant destruction of her precious ecosystem, the tireless work of the United Nations has seen to the restoration of our homeworld to her once majestic beauty.

Well, almost. There are still areas in which the ecological damage has not been repaired, but it was known as early as the 20th century that the effects of mankind’s rapid technological advancement would take centuries to undo. Still, you do have to hand it to us, we did a number to our home and still managed to make it by. Air quality continues to improve and the temperatures have begun to recede. In another hundred years, this statement might actually be true. As long as someone doesn’t fling antimatter weapons at her again.

While the world is nominally under the stewardship of the United Nations of Sol, the nations of the Old Earth still remain, mostly as a reminder of the heritage and traditions we still share. The major world powers – The United Americas, the Free Republics of China, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the African Alliances, and the New European Union are still active players in the Earth Sphere and beyond. They are joined by countless other pacts and economic zones such as the Japanese Republic, the South American Compact, the Australian Commonwealth, the Gulf Coalition, and the Oceanic Nations. The conflicts of old have all but completely ceased since the late 21st century.

Due to the ecological damages of the earlier centuries, most of mankind solidified into large urban enclaves across the world while land reclamation and smart agricultural design advanced. These enclaves typically stretch for hundreds of miles and contain millions of peoples, though some small independent cities and towns still exist.

Power is primarily derived from a mixture of renewable solar, wind, and tidal energy as well as Helium 3 reactors in the largest of cities. Transportation is usually managed by airships, drones, and high speed electromagnetic rail systems, as well as the equatorial Mirai Space Elevator.

All of this is connected by the most sophisticated Planetary Grid in the Solar System, fully connecting Earth, the colonies, and the Moon in a tight network that is unrivaled even by the Jovian Union. More than any other place in the system, Earth never sleeps.

For all you spacers who haven’t visited Earth, don’t think those pretty pictures of clean, high-tech buildings are the true face of the cities of Earth. The shadows of those buildings are quite long and for all its humanitarian work, it’s not like poverty and greed can completely be taken away. And in those long shadows, people who aren’t satisfied with the UN’s work exist in shanty towns, discordant enclaves, and so forth. The people of Earth like to try and look more sophisticated than the rest of the Solar System, but they are just as susceptible to blights of crime, desires, and violence as the rest of us. They just tend to have the equipment and means to clean it up much faster and more efficiently.

The Moon

The Worlds of Sol

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