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Welcome to Solar Net!

This is your portal to much of the information available in the 22nd Century to humanity. Brought to you by the Solar Communications Venture.

Please select a topic for further study:
Overview – An overview of the worlds of Solar Periphery
History – A brief history of the 21st and 22nd centuries.
The Ventures – Your guide to the Grand and Minor Ventures.
United Nations of Sol – An overview of the governing body that maintains order in Sol.
The Worlds of Sol – A brief tour of the worlds, moons, and colonies of the Solar System.
The People – A look at the new forms of humanity.
Sciences – The synthetic blood that runs through humanity.

While most text is done in a in-world fashion, italicized text is presented out of character for the game’s universe. It is provided to expand upon certain ideas as they will work in the game.

And while you’ve taken the time to see the propaganda of the Solar Net, look to the Void Net to fill in those gaps that proper civilization doesn’t want you to know. These are notes that would be helpful for the shadier sorts that lurk in the long shadows of the Solar System.

Notes – Lastly, here is a section for notes that I’ve assembled that don’t really fit into an in-universe description or other various musings.

Main Page

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