Firearms Legality

Legalities of Weapons in the Solar System

Earth: While it varies from nation to nation, generally speaking, small arms are permitted. Checking local guidelines is suggested.

The Moon: Most Lunar Matron sponsored cities and locations have a strict No Weapons policy. Some independent colonies may be more lax, but generally, fall in line with the Matron’s policies.

Earth Orbitals: Only non-lethal and melee based weapons are allowed on most Earth Orbitals.

Mars: Small arms are allowed, standard arms with registration. No Heavy Weapons are allowed.

Ceres: Standard arms are allowed, no heavy weapons are permitted on the station.

Hera Station: Small arms only.

Europa: Standard Arms allowed, no Heavy Weapons

Saturn Colonies: No current weapon regulations.

Neptune – Triton: No Firearms Permitted.

Pluto: Small Arms only.

Kupier Belt – No official regulations, though local outposts may have rules due to Peripherite on site.

Venus Colonies – Small Arms only.

Firearms Legality

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