The Sciences

Illuminated Information would like to welcome you to our primer to exciting new scientific discoveries made in the last century. The rate of scientific advancement in the 20th century was truly astonishing, but nothing could have prepared humanity for the numerous discoveries made in the mid and late 21st century that have shaped our 22nd century. No Solar Net page could truly delve into the depth of scientific knowledge as well as a I.I. Grid Site would, but we will try our best to present a basic overview that could lead to a more in-depth knowledge. Select a topic below to get started.

Peripherite – The unobtanium that mankind desired to open up the stars, like petroleum or uranium before it, Peripherite has become the means to fuel our future.

Synthetic augmentation – From genetic work to cyberlimbs all the way to the next iteration of mankind, the Synthbrid, this details the advancements in self improvement.

Telecommunications – We have come a long way from the heliograph and the telephone. Let us give you a tour of the Grids and Networks that connect the Solar System.

Stellar Technology – Spaceships, starships, colonies, and more. This is the technology that allows us to exist in the stars, on planets, and their moons and excitingly may lead to our ability to migrate to other stars here soon.

Alien life – From exobiology to the mysterious signal stars, this is the cutting edge in science as we discover our world is but one of many worlds to bear the miracle of life.

The Sciences

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