Welcome to the 22nd Century.

The discovery of Peripherite on the edge of the solar system has allowed the advent on the 1g constant acceleration drive. The flow of reliable antimatter has brought humanity to the edge of the system and dawned a new age in space. Under the guidance of the United Nations of Sol and the expertise of the Grand Ventures (Corporations of the 22nd Century), humankind has flourished in ways that seemed like mere science fiction only a hundred years ago.

And yet humanity hasn’t escape human nature. Greed and desire, while satisfied by progressive socialist methods for many, still exists in the distant dark of the periphery of the solar system. But this mix of triumph and trouble shapes humanity as it always has. Many can be found throughout the solar system: explorers, traders, engineers, bounty hunters, and all manners of things in between.

This is the era of the Solar Periphery and the story of the brave people who venture out into the darkness of the very edge of our solar system.

Good luck out there.

Solar Periphery